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Graves County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office
Specialized Prosecutorial Units

We believe our community is best served by dedicated prosecutors who specialize in specific areas of criminal prosecution. Our prosecutors work diligently to study their areas of specialization and actively seek out training opportunities to enhance their skills. In furtherance of these efforts, every prosecutor in our office is an active member of the National District Attorney’s Association.

Vulnerable Victim Unit

“Safety and security don’t just happen, they are the result of collective consensus and public investment. We owe our children, the most vulnerable citizens in our society, a life free of violence and fear.”

Nelson Mandela

The Vulnerable Victim Unit focuses its efforts on the aggressive prosecution of predators who perpetrate child physical and sexual abuse, any crimes evidencing exploitation of the elderly, human trafficking, sexual violence and cases involving domestic violence related assaults or murder.

The Vulnerable Victim Unit was created by Aimee Clymer-Hancock, former First Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney, and (primarily) consists of:
Prosecutors – Grace E. Stewart and Richie Kemp
Victim’s Advocates – Denise Brazzell
Unit Legal Assistant – Tess Williamson
Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office Detective – Wade Heatherly 

In the VVU Conference Room we are prepared to help our youngest victims understand that NO MATTER WHAT… every little girl is a Wonder Woman and every little boy is a Super Man!

Drug Enforcement Unit

There is an alarming, and often violent, correlation between drugs, gangs, and the firearms those gang members use in the furtherance of their crimes. It is abundantly clear that in order to successfully address one of these issues, we must address them all. 
Consequently, our office’s philosophy on handling drug, and drug adjacent, cases is broad, but clear: When presented with an addict – Treatment; when faced with an individual whose substance abuse causes him to be a danger to themselves or others – Protection; and when confronted with traffickers – Punishment. For advancement can only be achieved in this struggle by driving down demand, curbing negative externalities along the way, and driving out the traffickers.

The Drug Enforcement Unit is led by John J. Beasley, II, Asst. Commonwealth’s Attorney, and the Unit is (primarily) comprised of:
Prosecutors – John J. Beasley, II, Erin Fleischmann & Richie Kemp
Unit Legal Assistants – Grace Copeland
Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office Detective – Wade Heatherly

The Rocket Docket

Quicker access to Treatment for Defendants and less burden on Graves County Taxpayers

John J. Beasley, II, and Erin Fleischmann, Asst. Commonwealth’s Attorneys, head our Rocket Docket Program, with assistance from Grace Copeland. Rocket Docket allows defendants who are accused of non-violent, low level, substance abuse-related offenses an expedited process through our criminal justice system.

This results in defendants leaving incarceration more quickly; thereby allowing their swift entry into substance abuse treatment programs, if appropriate. The expediting of these cases results in diminished financial burden on taxpayers for the cost of their prolonged incarceration. Additionally, this program lessens the caseload of Graves County’s District and Circuit Courts.