Richie Kemp

Graves County Commonwealth’s Attorney

Seeking Justice.
Serving Graves County.

Welcome to the office of the
Graves County Commonwealth’s Attorney

Welcome to the official website of the Graves County Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office. As the Commonwealth’s Attorney for the 52nd Judicial Circuit, my office prosecutes all felony criminal offenses occurring within Graves County. This is a responsibility my office takes very seriously as we strive to seek truth and justice in every case. We are honored to have the opportunity to serve Graves County with integrity, transparency and professionalism.

My office consists of a gifted team of 3 Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorneys, an in-house Commonwealth’s Detective, a dedicated Victim’s Advocate, and 2 excellent support personnel. Together, we seek justice on behalf of this community by prosecuting Graves County’s most serious criminal offenses. Our office routinely prosecutes crimes ranging from abuse and exploitation of our most vulnerable victims, to drug trafficking and murder.

Each member of our office is honored to have the trust of this community. And because we have been so entrusted, each employee strives to be a person of outstanding character, integrity and courage. We are consistent in our efforts to approach our work as a collaborative team, so that our results in each case are of the highest caliber.

Prosecutors are not lawyers who simply advocate, we are obligated to be ministers of justice. Our responsibility is to protect the innocent and prosecute the guilty, thereby promoting the safety of this community. In so doing we must always ensure the rights of all parties, including those who stand accused of crimes, are protected.

We believe it is our obligation to keep the citizens of Graves County informed regarding the criminal activity occurring in their own backyards. As citizens, business owners and parents, you have the right to know. In order to do so, my office issues weekly newsletters regarding guilty pleas in Graves Circuit Court, news releases regarding jury trial outcomes and any other newsworthy announcements related to our office.